Rua Designs – Sweet Little Fairies

Having a skeptical nature since the age of five, I tend to mock magic. And fairies. And beautiful words describing enchanted forests and unicorns. And fine lads who see their first chance to get into the sack with a sleeping beauty, a damsel in distress or some other kind of creature in need, who would give not only the access to her va-jay-jay but so much more in order to get out of that particular stressful, life-and-death-more-death-than-life-to-be-exact kind of situation. Hell, I only saw Maleficent now and only because I was rating it for my daughter (and find it unsuitable for the age of four)!

Making a radical change towards reality doesn’t really help with all that magical thinking. If I had only stayed an unemployed artist that would have made sense, but now I literally have no excuse since I’m doing something that’s basically black and white, practical and as straight forward as any other road beside the artistic one.

But a few days ago a miracle has happened: I was shocked by something I saw on Facebook! The Pope, the most Catholic guy on Earth, said that you don’t have to belong to a religion to be spiritual or to be a good person. I knew that for quite a while, but for him to acknowledge that was a great step for all those non-fanatical people up there, myself included. To paraphrase the Pope, because this is how we roll, I would dare to say – and frankly, it is not much of a dare, since I’ve just paraphrased the Pope – that you don’t have to believe in magic to have a magical thinking.

But it’s a must that you be inspired.

The first time I saw Anda and her daughter, Aruna, I said to myself: oh, look, fairies have baby fairies! Small, thin creatures they are, with blue dreamy eyes, forever smiling, kind and sweet. Their voices are like little silver bells or like little drops of rain on pink petals. Everyone around them is happier, lighter and suddenly smelling like cotton candy.

Therefore, you see it was easy having Anda as a client.





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